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25 People Share Their Crazy Stories Of The Times They Got Blackmailed

Getting blackmailed is basically one of the crappiest things that can happen to someone. Regardless of whether or not it’s an ex-partner or a crazy parent, feeling like something bad is looming over your head constantly is not something people want to deal with.

As we all know by now, Reddit is the hub for stories and memes from all corners of the internet. Now, I’ve never had anyone blackmail me *aggressively knocks on wood*  but everyone’s favorite forum has some crazy stories from people who have tried to blackmail them.

So, brace yourself, everyone, because today we’ll be taking a look at some of the most intense blackmail stories from internet users. (Oh, these aren’t in order so don’t think we’ve ranked these stories. They just happen to be where they happen to be.)

1. We begin here with a user who admitted to blackmailing an unknown man into thinking that he was his biological father. For $250, he made the entire thing go away by getting he wanted and never contacting the guy again. I mean, he admitted to being a weird 16-year-old so I guess that’s half the battle?

2. God, having siblings is just the worst sometimes. This user wasn’t exactly the one who was being blackmailed but we do get some insight into his poor sibling who eventually had to destroy the evidence he had of his stolen Pokemon cards. Actually, now that I think about it, this guy might have been serving some vigilante justice.

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