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26 People Who Got Things Under Control and Changed Beyond Recognition

There is nothing more inspiring than people who set goals to change their life for the better and are steadfast in their pursuit of them. The journey to bettering yourself can be daunting and difficult, but it can also be uplifting and exciting. We admire people who take control of their lives and we’ve brought you several stories of body transformation. Since we are drawing closer to the new year, hopefully, this list will inspire you to make a positive change in your life!

1) Reddit user Scienceninja3212 wrote, “Two years ago, I decided that it was time for a change. Today I am 50 pounds lighter, I am training for an upcoming marathon, and I feel the confidence to wear this dress to work today!” She has finally achieved her body goals.

The post was flooded with comments from many people asking her how she went about losing the weight. In response, she said much of it had to do with changing her diet. She said that incorporating more fruit into her diet was her weight loss secret, explaining that, “It satisfies the sweet tooth, and the fiber keeps you pretty full.” She also adds, “I also put cookie butter on apples when I was DYING for something tastier than salad. It was a good way to get past the hunger pangs without killing my calorie count.”

When Reddit user IAMATruckerAMA asked how she kept track of her calorie count, she answered, “I used the Fitbit app to track calories and exercised religiously for the first three months…It just kinda became a habit.” She continues, “Now, I’m to the point where it feels good to exercise and I naturally feel fuller faster.” 

2) Reddit user dustofoblivion123 shared a photo of two friends who made a commitment to lose weight together. Here they are after the transformation. To be clear, having a certain body type doesn’t make you better or happier. The main point to take away is that they set a goal for themselves and accomplished it. That is something we can all cheer for.

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