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30 Breakup Texts That Will Make You Laugh Or Cry

Relationships are (usually) between two people. However, people change and grow and so do relationships. Some evolve into marriages and families while others just fizzle out. Here are some hilarious break up texts.

Breaking up is never easy to do. But breaking up via text is even worse. You go through an entire relationship, building memories, growing closer and suddenly one day you realize you just don’t want to be with that person anymore. Maybe it’s maturing or just growing out of a relationship but sometimes changes are necessary. Instead of asking to meet in person and talk it out and break up in a respectful way, you decide to save yourself the time, energy and stress and decide to just shoot them a text. (That’s maybe slightly better than uploading a cryptic Instagram post or subtly changing your Facebook relationship status.) It’s really sad and somewhat pathetic. Apparently sending these texts is much more common than we expected. Some of them are funny but most are just plain sad. We’ve got 30 breakup texts that will probably break your heart. We’d hold a box of tissues close by.

  1. We should probably be a little more cautious of a potential “crazy ex” on the horizon for this person. They clearly refuse to accept that it’s over. Maybe some of the clingy texts we see later are from this particular individual.

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