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What’s Wrong With Today’s Society Captured In 10+ Brutally Honest Illustrations

It’s hard to sum up everything that’s wrong with today’s society with just a few illustrations, but artist John Holcroft seems to visualize our problems perfectly. From capitalism to social media addiction, John Holcroft has managed to capture many large issues we have as a society with his detailed and often poignant illustrations.

We as humans often lack insight and require artists of the world to create art for social change. Whether it be a play or a movie, a book or a painting, the artists of the world have the power to capture an emotion or feeling as the result of an issue we have as a culture. These artists are game changers, often influencing the way we think through the lens of their vision. John Holcroft is one of these people. His website is filled with some of the most amazing works of art that capture a lot of issues with what’s wrong with today’s society.

The following 10+ illustrations visualize today’s problems in ways that will truly get you thinking. Stay tuned for one bonus photo at the end which includes everyone’s favorite fast-food clown!

1) Internet Predators: As much as the internet provides us with unlimited knowledge at our fingertips, it is also home to some seriously creepy and awful people. To them, they can hide behind a mask that the internet provides everyone: anonymity. Fortunately, many police departments and special investigation teams work tirelessly to catch these predators to make sure they don’t harm anyone.

2) The Sedentary Lifestyle: It’s easy to fall into bad habits, and even easier to fall into the kind of lifestyle that keeps you planted in a seat, never able to get up and do what you want. Disabilities aside, unless you have an issue that prevents you from living a more active lifestyle, we should all be striving to get up out of our chairs and lead a more active life to improve our health.

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