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25 People Share A Baffling Occurrence They Finally Understood Years Later

3. “When I was 7 years old, my older brother and I were playing in our back garden, when all of a sudden I got hit on the head with a fairly large stone. No blood or concussion, just a lump. Being a kid, I obviously cried out a lot in pain and my parents came running out of the house asking what had happened. My brother who was 9 years old at the time claimed, with a lot of confidence, that a bird had flown out from one of our trees and dropped it on my head.
This story was told amongst family and close friends for years! Nobody could believe the odds of a bird dropping a stone and it hitting me on the head. Fast forward to my 16th birthday meal, there was my parents, my brother, an aunt, an uncle, and myself sat around a table. Someone brought up the bird story and my brother decided to finally admit that he was trying to hit the stone across the garden with a tennis racket and just happened to catch my head in the crossfire.
Goes to show that if you say anything with enough confidence, people are bound to believe you.” (MattJRice)


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