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24 Unique Photos Taken By Ordinary People That Required Perfect Timing

When you look at an incredible photo, you sometimes forget how much goes into making it look as good as it does. Everything from the camera, the location, the people…it all has a huge role in making it come to life.

1. I’m not talking about the photos that you take on your Snapchat. Professionals wait a few years sometimes to be able to catch an incredible moment on their cameras. These are the moments that we look at and think “wow, this is truly incredible”. But sometimes, if they are lucky, these moments can be captured unexpectedly…accidentally. They can even be captured by amateurs. In any case, timing plays a huge role in such photos, making the photos a complete masterpiece.

Here are 25 photos submitted by Redditors that are pretty unique and required the perfect timing. The first one makes you do a double take. Is that a stuffed animal? Where is the rest of its body? Oh wait, it’s just a dog who jumped and the camera captured it in mid-air. The timing made this photo so incredibly unique…or it just made people worried about where the body of this dog went!

2. We’re all used to seeing baby photos. I mean, parents love taking photos of their kids… understandable. But this photo and the timing made it look completely unique. The stork literally brought the baby to these parents. The fact that you see the clouds in the background makes it look better. You can’t plan a photo like that!

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