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38 Caught Cheating Texts That Are Awkward And Funny

Trust and communication are the two main components necessary for a healthy relationship to work. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, there are a number of things you can do to approach the situation. Fortunately for these guys, their partners were the ones that accidentally flubbed up.

1) This dad thought he was being nice by giving his kid a chance to delete some “personal” videos that their home security camera recorded. However, apparently, that’s not all the security camera picked up. This ‘friendly gesture’ from father to son quickly turned into some familial blackmail and this kid isn’t ready to settle for anything less than a new ride and a solid grand. You have to wonder just where in the house this security camera is located that it’s seeing so much action. Clearly, this father and son have the same hookup spot and by the sounds of it, there seems to be multiple videos. The most disturbing part of this whole text message conversation isn’t actually the cheating itself, it’s that this father and son have apparently watched each other do the deed on screen. Let’s just hope that no one else has the code to the security camera.


2) Not only did this father cheat, but he also contracted an STD from his side chick. That’s a whole lot of confidential information to accidentally send to your offspring. It looks like this slip up is going to cost a lot of money to keep this secret between him and his son.


3) If you’re going to text someone, then you better make sure that you check who you’re really sending that text to. This girl may have saved herself by blaming autocorrect, but clearly didn’t learn from her mistake. There’s nothing she can blame that last text on except for her true lack of observation.


4) Once you’re caught in the act, there’s really nothing you can text anything back to fix it. This person may have thought they had their lie in the bag, and most likely scrutinizing the text before sending it to make sure it seemed authentic. However, they should have really checked their surroundings.


5) Whoever got a hold of this girl’s phone may have had good intentions, but they didn’t end up doing her any favors. Clearly, this person wasn’t close enough with this girl to know who her boyfriend was so maybe they just got tired of the phone buzzing on the table.


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