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25 Celebrities Who’ve Changed Beyond Recognition

Most of us have had the majority of our lives well documented through pictures and videos, but nowhere as much as the celebrities who have found a home in the spotlight. Celebrities are closely watched by the public from that first star-making turn to the height of their careers. Many stars have reinvented themselves throughout their careers, which has made them look drastically different from their debuts that caught the world’s attention.

A life in the limelight can certainly take its toll, and aging in Hollywood is a much different process than it is for the average person. With that, there are a variety of factors that have led to these stars’ changes in appearance. Along with their career highlights, here are 25 celebrities who have changed beyond recognition since their big Hollywood break.

1. Courteney Cox.
Fans remember Courteney Cox best for playing Monica Geller on the popular sitcom Friends. After the show’s 10 season run, Cox continued with television as an actress and producer, which earned her her first Golden Globe nomination for Cougar Town. She’s since taken a break from the small screen, but has continued producing with a docu-series and comedy project on the horizon.

2. Katherine Heigl.
Her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on the long-running hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy catapulted Katherine Heigl into stardom. After leaving the show, Heigl went on to star in a number of successful romantic comedies. She’s since returned to television and will be seen next on the eighth season of the hit lawyer show Suits.

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