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30+ Celebrities That Want You To See How They Are On And Off-Camera. Here Are Their Photos.

Photographer Andrew Walker is no spring chicken when it comes to taking celebrity photos. As a former Getty Images photographer, and now a photographer for, Walker has taken photos for editorials, portraits, and assignments from around the entire globe. His website, showcases some amazing portrait concepts of many famous celebrities.  

After seeing some of his photos, it’s clear why Walker’s talents are highly sought after. However, for the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Walker wanted to do something a little different when it came to taking some celebrity photos. In an interview with, Walker stated, I was really curious with actors because they have, not only this personal inside voice, but they have a public persona that they put out there, and they also have their private self. There’s this whole other layer of themselves as people. I found that really, really intriguing.”

Walker’s vision was highly appreciated by the actors. Walker went on to state to that, Having done this before, I know that celebrities are very guarded about their image, and so I was really nervous about how to start this and what the response was going to be,” said Walker, noting that, I have to say, 95 percent were so willing and interested in doing something.When visiting his website at, he calls the series of photos the “Celebrity Diptychs.” 

It’s clear that what Walker is conveying is that there are two sides to the people we know as celebrities. These are personas they put on while in front of a camera, but what of the people when the cameras turn off? The following 20+ celebrity photos capture two different sides to the persona we all know. As for which side of the camera the actor portrays this side of them, well that was up to them! Can you guess which part of their personalities they chose to show on or off camera?
1) Anne Hathaway: The charming actress Anne Hathaway, known for her breakout role in The Princess Diaries, has become one of Hollywood’s leading ladies starring in films like The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Les Miserables, and the highly anticipated Ocean’s 8. Hathaway can be seen here showing two personalities – one she shows on camera, and the other off camera. Can you guess which one is which?

2) Sigourney Weaver: Here we see the famed Sigourney Weaver showing us all her charming persona that she reveals to the world. However, her choice to show us her personality off camera says a lot about her opinion of fame. The Alien, Avatar, and Ghostbusters star continues to charm the world nonetheless.  

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