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Celebs At High School Prom. Beyonce Looks Incredible In That Dress

If you’d like to see some hilarious pictures of celebs at their proms, here is a gallery of some of our favorite celebrities from their memorable night. Some of the entries are adorable, some will surprise you, and some will show you that some celebrities never had an ugly duckling phase. 

1. Before our favorite celebrities became red carpet stars, they got all dolled up to take their dates to prom, just like the rest of us. But unlike us regular folk who probably hide any evidence of our cringe-worthy and embarrassing prom pictures, celebrities don’t have it as easy (all thanks to the Internet). In dresses and tuxedos that were totally representative of the era, some of these celebrities look unrecognizable beside their prom dates, who probably had no idea that they were standing next to a future star. Others look like their older selves whom we have all come to know and love. Our first victim is the one and only funny guy, Will Ferrell. Of course the hilarious Will Ferrell would willingly wear a princess tiara to his prom. This Anchorman and Elf star has clearly been a comedic genius since his early years, and we’re totally loving his prom look.

highschool01Pinterest / Emily

2. The young Matthew McConaughey still looks like the hunk that he is today. The blue bow-tie was definitely a good call to bring out the actor’s blue eyes. His date must have been very happy with him for coordinating with her so well, but in reality she was probably the one who coordinated the outfits.

highschool02Pinterest / Celebrity Yearbook-Guys

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