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30 Chilling Facts That Will Creep You Out

Are you one of those people who likes the creepier side of life? Do skulls, bones, and scary things excite you? Are you a lover of all things Halloween? If that’s the case, then these 30 chilling facts should be right up your alley. Keep on reading if you dare.

1. From dark fairy tale origins to chilling details of old crimes, here are a few real life facts that even the bravest will shiver at. Let’s face it, the world can be a pretty creepy, and at times sinister, place. Most people prefer to ignore all the negative things in life and focus on the positive or happy things. But as much as you can pretend that these things don’t happen, they still do. Our first chilling fact has to do with our favorite mouse. Did you know that there is an old Mickey Mouse comic strip in which Minnie Mouse falls in love with another character, and then Mickey makes several ‘funny’ attempts at checking out early? Definitely not the most positive message to send to the world. This really puts a damper on my idea of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse, so I’ll just pretend that I didn’t know this comic existed.

2. Did you know that in the original Peter Pan, when the lost boys would get too old, Peter Pan would kill them? That’s right, there was no magic in keeping them forever young. He would simply apply the “out with the old, in with the new” by bringing in new stolen kids.

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