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Artist Inserts People From Classical Paintings Into Today’s World And The Result Is Surprisingly Good

Alexey Kondakov is a talented Ukrainian artist that has a unique style. For his ongoing series “Art History in Contemporary Life”, he has taken scenes and figures from classical paintings and inserted them into modern-day scenes. Here we’ve collected several of his work for you to enjoy:

1) For the first image of Kondakov inserting a classical figure in a modern setting, we’ve chosen this simple yet powerfully uncanny photo of a woman from a classical painting placed in an image of a subway car. It appears as if she’s an angel or some supernatural being paying a visit to the contemporary world. She is looking through the window of a subway car and it looks as if she’s staring at you.

The photo is also interesting in the way that it’s a frame within a frame. The first frame being the window that she’s looking through, and the second is the image that you are looking at. The look she is giving is pretty creepy – imagine seeing this woman on public transportation at night and she’s staring right at you while reading this little red book. Definitely the stuff of nightmares.

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