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26 Clever DIYs Every Parent Will Want To Know ASAP

Whenever there is sunlight (or night light), children want to get up and play. It’s natural, they just want to roam around the house (or a park) and use all that energy that is somehow stored in their tiny bodies.

Some enjoy ‘quiet time,’ which might also include watching TV or playing on a tablet. But screen time for children, especially young infants, should be limited and long hours in front of an electronic screen is not advised. But other kids are a little more active and energetic. They like to chase each other, knock things over, tumble and push (generally in a playful manner) and most of all, just break a sweat. For these active ones, parents and guardians usually take them outdoors to a park, a playground, a competitive sport or just to play catch in the backyard. But, what if there was a cheap, safe and homemade option for your kids to play while under your watchful, and protective guidance? From homemade climbing walls, to outdoor picnic tables all the way to awesome cardboard box houses, here are 25 ingenious, homemade and economical ways to help your kid have fun all the while staying safe!


1) A wife and her husband built their kids their very own indoor climbing wall. With some plywood and some climbing holds, they bolted the boards onto the studs of the wall and locked them in place. With some gym mats rigged to the floor, this ensures safety and fun!

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