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25 Hilarious Examples Of People Who Were Just Clowning Around

We all know a joker who preys on the naive and gullible to satisfy their own sick little craving for a laugh. These people don’t play by the rules and definitely don’t need April Fools as an excuse to cause havoc. While it’s never too fun to be the butt of the joke, it’s undeniably entertaining to watch others being unsuspectingly targeted for some good ol’ pranking fun.

From completely caught off guard strangers to roommates who should really know better by now, there are some people out there who will never miss the opportunity to clown around. Here are 25 people who made the world laugh with their antics, even if the subject of the prank didn’t find it funny till much later.

1. Any good prankster knows that the more unsuspecting the victim, the better the end result, and this young girl knew exactly how to get her brother to run right into her trap. In what looks to be the work of some solid sibling high jinks, this scheming sister stuck some clear tape across the door frame. The tape was expertly placed high enough that she could run underneath unscathed while her brother would get some seriously sticky whiplash in the midst of chasing her around the house.

2. Working at a fast food drive-thru can get pretty mundane, but this guy made sure to give these employees a night shift they’ll never forget. Retail stores often start rolling out their Halloween props and decorations way too early, but who says you can’t have a little nonseasonal fun in the meantime?

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