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25 Coincidental Pictures That Were Complete Flukes

Coincidences are truly strange things to experience firsthand. This remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances, which have no plausible connection with each other, can be intuitively mind-boggling. While everyone is familiar with this strange phenomenon, some people have managed to capture it on camera.

Most photographers elaborately plan their pictures and will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot, but these snap-happy folks managed to capture some incredible by-chance photos. Whether it’s incidental timing, perspective or placement, these photos are the result of pure coincidence. Here are 25 fortuitous pictures that happened by complete fluke.

1. Newborn photographer, Cassie Clayshulte, was taking photos of babies at the Coastal Carolina Hospital when she noticed a coincidence worthy of a snap. Two babies, which were born within just 24 hours short of each other from separate parents, were placed together after being born. That’s when Clayshulte noticed the names of the babies. Just like Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers, the babies were named Romeo and Juliet and just so happened to be placed beside each other.

2. Before Netflix took over the world of streaming and put the final nail in the coffin of video rental stores, the service ran by renting out DVDs to customers via mail. Naturally, the delivery process of snail mail would result in some recipients having their movies come in scratched or in rough condition. However, this person found that their DVD had been actually broken in transit. Coincidentally, the film that they were renting was called Unbreakable.

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