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20+ Hilarious Comics About Winter Problems That Almost Everyone Will Relate To

Those who get to experience all four seasons in all of their temperature contrasting glory know that winter can make things, like going to run an errand, a Revenant-like trek. The cold months come with their own set of seasonal hurdles, which we all try our best to adapt to. However, the distraction of the holidays, the limited daylight, freezing temperatures, and continuous snowfall can quickly update our countdowns to the first day of spring.

While we’ve all had our own personal misadventures thanks to winter, these funny comics are relatable to anyone who has survived those treacherous cold months. Here are 25 hilarious comics about winter problems that plague anyone who has ever lived in a place that gets the hardcore version of the season.

1. If winter sports are your thing then that’s one saving grace of the season. However, for the rest of us, daily tasks can become extreme sports we never asked to participate in. From surprise ice takedowns to chance immobilization, the only way to truly escape this white nightmare is to book a plane ticket somewhere else.

2. If waking up and getting out of bed wasn’t hard enough already, the perpetual chill of the winter season makes it near impossible. Anyone who has experienced the dismal temperatures of winter without one heroic heating system knows that until you leave the house, you don’t leave the bed, you take as much as it with you as you can. Duvets quickly lose their place as bedding and become perpetual abode cocoons.

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