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Cleaners Share Stories About The Craziest Thing They Have Found In Someone’s House

Dirty toilets, messy carpets, cluttered basements, soiled beds… these are just some of the things many house and industrial cleaners have to deal with on a daily basis.

You would think that by opening up your household to a cleaning service, that you’d ensure you’d hide any embarrassing or strange items you wouldn’t want most people to find. Unfortunately, for some house cleaning services, this isn’t always the case. Imagine getting a call to someone’s home that needs to be cleaned. You walk into the place with your cleaning supplies. Everything seems fine and dandy until you move on to the kitchen. There you find several dozen fruit flies, rotting food, and something in the corner garbage can is wiggling. But that isn’t the weirdest part. Sitting in the corner is a massive pet python!

The following 25 stories were shared on a recent Reddit thread, that allowed users with cleaning backgrounds to share the most bizarre, strange, disgusting and outrageous things they’ve found while cleaning for their clients. Some of these might seem quite shocking, so you have been warned!

1. Really Dirty Carpets: I was a carpet cleaner for a company that was local, and we did pet urine treatments and got a lot of requests. We went to people’s apartments where the landlord requested a cleaning or they’d be evicted. So we went and opened the door, and the smell of cat urine was so strong one of my coworkers nearly fainted. We took out a black light and when you look up animal accidents they turn green. Well, the entire floor was green, including messes of other kids. We told them not to call us again. (Reddit user: ShayminOP)

2. A Very Large Doll: My BF works for a residential window cleaning company. One time he was at a guy’s house, who was probably in his late 50s. He goes up into a room upstairs where the door is already open to clean the windows. He opens the door and sees a naked young woman laying on the bed asleep. He rushes out of the room and apologizes, but she never works up. So he goes to another room. Everything seems normal, but shortly after, the man walks into the other room, picks up the woman and shoves her in a hallway closet. BF gets a better look and sees that it’s actually a realistic adult pleasure doll. (Reddit user: unsureaboutlifefml)


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