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30 Of The Creepiest Pictures Taken In Hospitals


It there’s one place that can get a little creepy it is a hospital. Something about the fact that so many sick people have been there, and the fact that people have passed away. After graveyards, hospitals are most likely to be haunted. To all the skeptics: how do you explain these eerie things that have been captured on camera?

1. Like whatever is going on here… This image was taken at an old mental institution. These children are not the ones who are sick, but it’s their parents that are the ones staying here. It looks like this must be some sort of daycare or visitor playground for the children of the patients here. Or, if the children didn’t have someone to look after them they would stay at the hospital as well and be taken care of by doctors and nurses. Though they were looked after, a mental hospital is probably not the best place to grow up, especially if you are not ill. Look at these children’s faces. Some of them look terrified, and some of them look completely drained. The mindless scribbles on the wall add to the eeriness of the photo, as well as the vacant stare of the child in the back holding the doll.

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2. Equally unsettling is this children’s morgue found in a basement. Although there’s nothing particularly paranormal happening in this photo, it’s still incredibly creepy to imagine all of the tiny lifeless bodies that once occupied these shelves. The spaces are obviously a lot smaller than a typical morgue, which makes it even more heartbreaking to look at this image.

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