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People Share Stories About Times They Were Customers Who Were Mistaken For Staff

Have you ever been mistaken for an employee in a store you were shopping at? It’s a very strange and awkward experience because it normally catches you off guard. One moment, you’re minding your own business while eyeing a pair of shoes and simultaneously thinking about whether you need them or can afford them.

In the next moment, someone snaps you back into existence by wiggling a shoe in your face and asking about a size. Your first reaction is probably to think that they’re just asking you a question but you were zoned out and now you look rude for not hearing their question in the first place. Slowly it dawns on you that they think you work in the store and are asking for a size, so you spend a moment feeling indignant that they couldn’t have asked you more politely for a size (even though you don’t actually work there), and then you proceed to tell them you don’t actually work there. After that, you’re both weirdly embarrassed and muttering unnecessary apologies to one another. The whole thing is just cringe-inducing and makes you wish that people would just pay a little more attention so that you can avoid this scenario altogether.


None of these people work at Best Buy

Seeing as it’s not possible to forcibly insist that people pay more attention, moments like these will, unfortunately, continue to happen. And usually, this is how this little dance works. The keyword here is “usually” because it’s not always the case that you’ll be let off easily after making this mistake—especially if you have a bit of an attitude.

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