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Cashiers Share Customer Reactions When Their Payment Got Declined

If you’ve spent any time working in food services or retail, you know that the customer isn’t always right. And there’s nothing that service-industry employees love more than mocking customers who were very much wrong (once they’re safely out of the store).

Here are 20 stories of times when a customer’s payment got declined, and how it brought out the worst (or the best!) in people.

1. Check, Please! “I was working as a cashier at Walmart. This GIGANTIC behemoth of a man was buying a $1 hair comb, a pack of gum and a $3 bottle of aspirin. The guy’s check declines, I run it twice for show and then hand the guy the little slip of paper that prints out stating the reason for the decline. Well, this guy balls up the note and throws it at me leans over the counter into my face (I’m a 5′ tall woman) and growls “run it again.”

I tried it again, a note pops out of the register. I tell him there’s nothing I can do and that he can go up to customer service. He dramatically swipes his three little items off my counter, tells me I am a disgusting waste of oxygen, and he hopes I get cancer and die painfully. Then he storms out and drops his wallet on the way.

Xiaolu Chu

I went and picked up his wallet and held it at my counter and flicked my little “I-need-a-manager” light on and started helping the next person. Two minutes later, the guy comes back in and seems like a completely different person. Like, his personality changed so much it made him LOOK different. He’s rubbing his hands together and hanging his head and speaking softly. “Excuse me, I was just here and I’m afraid I may have dropped my wallet.”

I tell him “Yes, you did,” and hand it to him. He then starts to ramble on about how he’s so sorry for getting upset that he has a thing in his brain and he can’t control what he says sometimes. I was like “uh huh, ok, sure. Please leave.”

People are nuts.”

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