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25 Hilarious Dads Who Have Become Texting Pros

There was a time where text messages were reserved to friends and phone calls were a sure indicator of the parental unit trying to get in touch. However, parents have evolved and adapted to the world of texting. While some may still sign off each text like a formal email, there are other parents who have become masters of the art. Dad jokes are no longer limited to family functions and around your friends, they are just a quick message away.

These dads may have thought they’d only get a laugh from their intended recipient, but they ended up winning over the Internet with their special brand of humor. People everywhere have been screenshotting hilarious text messages they’ve received from their dads, which has created a treasure trove of horrible puns, loving mockery, and questionable wisdom.

1. Getting your parent to understand texting is one learning curve, but introducing them to the world of slang acronyms is a one of a much steeper arch. Seeing as this father has clearly become comfortable with throwing out the occasional “rofl,” his offspring decided to test him. However, this dad doesn’t need the acronym to already exist, he’ll create his own.


2. There’s a reason you go to mom if you’re looking for a straight answer. It’s almost like when you become a father, your sense of humor gets rewired so that no possible prompt goes unused. Once they’re on a roll, there’s no stopping them, but this kid probably wished they’d stopped where they started.


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