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People Share Stories About The Moment A Date Suddenly Went Wrong

For a lot of romantic hopefuls, a prospective date can fizzle out with one wrong move or one wrong thing said. It’s not easy searching for a connection with a stranger over the time period of a date, but for some people, that was all the time they needed. Here are 25 stories of the moment a date took a turn for the worse.

1. Going on a date with someone new is often plagued by awkwardness, which makes filtering the dating pool through a strainer no easy task, but sometimes you just know it’s not a fit. Andrew Boehmer told Quora the story of when he found he was not a match with one prospective date. “We talked, laughed and smiled at each other. I thought, ‘Wow this might actually work out.’” Unfortunately, he had prior obligations, which cut their date a little short. “I explained that I’d love to spend the day together but I had a family gathering for my nephew’s graduation. She stared at me coldly and said, ‘Are you serious? You’d rather go to a family party than be with me?’ I told her I don’t blow off things for personal reasons and she said ‘whatever’ and walked away. She later messaged me and said she’d give me one more chance. I politely declined.”

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2. Reddit user, sarin77, shared a disturbing dinner date, writing, “Went on a blind date with a woman who continually picked her scabs and left a pile of the skin on the restaurant table. I left to go use the washroom and when I came back the soup was there, but the scabs were not. It’s safe to say, I did not eat the soup.”

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