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20+ Designers Who Need A Day Off…Or A New Profession

We all have experiences when dealing with flawed or ridiculous design fails. Some of us, however, stumble upon some design fails that are so hilariously epic, we can’t help but take pictures of them and post them online.

There are always occasions where a unique design is required to handle something like a confined space, or a design on an oddly shaped box, or perhaps even a homemade present for your wife and kids. The bottom line is that if it doesn’t look good, chances are you should have rethought your decision. Other times, designers who work day and night on their work sometimes lose sight of all rhyme or reason. They end up designing the wackiest things or making the strangest creative choices possible. The greatest example is always the ones that stick out the most in our memory. Staircases to nowhere, toilets without privacy, electrical sockets right next to bathtubs. The world is filled with these design fails. The following 20+ designers need a day off, or perhaps even a new profession.

1) Worst Bus Stop Ever: This design almost seems like a cruel joke but unfortunately this is far from the truth. This bus stop was designed with a large hole in the window directly over the only benches available. When it rains, you have to stand up and wait elsewhere. It seems absurd…and well…it is. Imagine waiting at this stop during a thunderstorm? You’d be absolutely drenched. Perhaps this designer was simply out to lunch when this project was drawn out on paper. At least it looks pretty, which, unfortunately, should not always be the case.

2) This Ridiculous Hallway: Perhaps the designer of this hallway thought it would be a unique way to keep people interested while walking down it. But what about a couch delivery? Or a large bed box spring? This seems more like an architectural nightmare than it does an efficient use of space. Not to mention you’ll always be worried about bumping into someone hiding around one of the corners. This is also a colossal waste of materials. Why build a zigzag hallway when a straight line would do? Everything about these design choices is downright confusing.

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