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Designer Creates Beautiful Faces By Merging Photos Of Different Celebrities

When you bland two faces together, they become immediately more attractive than either face on its own; it’s a psychological fact. So when you blend celeb faces together to create averaged faces, the results are stunningly attractive. Designer morphy_me has gotten Instagram-famous doing just that, and the faces are…incredible.

Now, I’m not just going to fill 25 pages gushing about how gorgeous these faces are (no matter how pretty they are, that gets dull after about the 5th page). Instead, I’ve thought up 25 fictitious movies I’d cast these fictitious celebs in. If you’re interested in the uncannily-gorgeous faces or the results of my coffee-fueled brainstorming, read on!

(For the sake of the theme of these pictures, the names of the celebrities have also been combined, switched around and re-imagined!)

Stephen Cavill/Henry Amell: Okay, I gotta admit, this guy looks just like Henry Cavill to me. But if I was going to cast him for a role that wasn’t the Man of Steel, I’d make him the blue-blooded white-collar criminal in leftist, Robin-Hood-y financial dramas who always ends up sounding like if you gave a Dickens villain a smartphone.

Kaya Knightly/Keira Scodelario: Someone recently created the term “farmer’s market hot” to describe a person who not only is extremely attractive but also looks like they’d show up at a fruit stall and earnestly teach you about the merits of heirloom tomatoes while juggling their ethically-sourced coffee and their adorable, dimpled one-year-old. This morph right here is Farmer’s Market gorgeous, and I’d cast her in a farm romcom where she’s the kindhearted woman who grows avocados to combat the Great Millennial Avocado shortage. Or something.


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