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20+ Incredibly Evil Packaging Designs That Will Seriously Infuriate You

There are few things more infuriating than spending money on something and not getting what you paid for. That’s your hard earned money! And now it’s just been totally wasted. Why does this happen so often? It’s because of dishonest product packaging. We’ve all seen the examples. Something is made to look bigger than it is, fresher than it is, just overall better than what you’re actually getting.

Why do we keep falling for these awful tactics? Simple: it’s nearly impossible to resist a good deal. Our critical thinking just immediately shuts down once we realize that we can get a discount on something. Bad package design pulls you in, then immediately lets you down.

These are some of the worst examples of dishonest product packaging design found around the world. Whether it’s making something look bigger or making something look fresher, these examples of bad package design will make you feel like you got fooled by them too.

1) These Shrimp Are Shrimpier Than Usual: Very clever, seafood company. Here you are, the unsuspecting consumer, imagining that you’re getting some nice big prawns. Then you peel off this little strip and bam! You’ve been fooled. What are you supposed to do with a bunch of shrimp heads that don’t even have the rest of the shrimp attached?


2) At Least the Hot Dog Had Plenty of Space: One thing that will really make your blood boil is getting cheated when you’re hungry. You need some food, maybe a lot of food because you work hard! You walk into a store and buy a “giant” hot dog. Then you unwrap it and find this. “Prolong deliciousness?” More like “prolong rage.”

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