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25 People Disclose The Most Dark And Chilling Secret In Their Family

Everyone is built a certain way. We all pride ourselves on different things but it is really the people to people interactions that brings us closer together.

Through communication, language and a sense of empathy, we can understand each other better to further a relationship or a friendship. But in order to get really close and intimate with another person we need to let them in on our secrets; our fears, our desires, our goals, etc. And in any family where the family tree runs centuries deep then you can be more than sure that there are some deep, dark secrets embedded within those roots.

Maybe it’s some historical fact about one of the World Wars or maybe it had to do with some unseemly invention, but here are some of the most disturbing secrets that people were willing to reveal online. Regardless of what it is, we took to Reddit to find some of the creepiest, and darkest family secrets out there. Read on to get a small scare and a slight tingle up your back.


‘My grandfather fled Europe with his three kids and his wife before the Nazis invaded. He had troves of letters between him and his family begging them to leave. He died shortly after emigration, I believe it was because of a broken heart.’ (Anonymous)


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