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These 25 Disturbing Photos Will Make You Glad History Is History

The human race has seen its fair share of tragedies since the earliest recorded histories. From the crusades to the Vietnam war, battles across the world have cost people their lives.

Perhaps we’re headed in a direction or future that is more positive, however, war and fighting continue to be a part of human civilization. There are other events that have been documented through photography, that have captured devastating or disturbing moments in our history that give us a great deal of perspective.

We can look back on these photos with the hope that we will never commit these crimes again, or in hopes of a better tomorrow where these tragic events are put behind us, and we can look to a brighter, happier future. The following images vary from disturbing, to devastating, to giving much-needed perspective about where we have been as humans, and perhaps take comfort in knowing that it’s behind us. Maybe tomorrow will promise to be a more positive time.

1) The Historical Photo Lesson To Be Learned: If history has taught us anything, it’s that humanity has a tendency to repeat itself. Photographs of our past give us a great deal of perspective about where we’ve come as a people and also humanize the experience a bit. Candid photos like this one of soldiers on their downtime show us that even in the darkest times, we can manage to find times to rest our eyes and recuperate.

disturbing photoiStock

2) Hiroshima Aftermath: This tragic and decimated vista of debris was caused by the detonation of two nuclear warheads that, according to a report at UCLA, killed and wounded up to 150,000 total but the exact numbers of those affected may never be known. The destruction led to the decision of humanity to refrain from using Nuclear weapons in war, however, this treaty is threatened by world leaders who use Nuclear weapons as intimidation tactics to this day.

disturbing photoSmithsonian

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