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25 Doctors And Nurses Share The Most Insane And Hilarious Times They Saw A Patient ‘Fake It’

It’s no great secret that the medical world has to deal with its fair share of bloopers and blunders. In a recent Reddit thread, several users banded together to discuss their favorite stories revolving around patients faking it.

Hospitals, doctors offices, and emergency responders usually have a great deal of tragedy, but every so often they enjoy a bit of humor, as many people from all walks of life, seemingly exaggerate their symptoms. Ever wonder why some people seem to fake being sick, or fake symptoms in order to gain some kind of attention? Maybe it’s for sympathy, maybe it’s out of embarrassment, or maybe it’s just plain and simple to get a fix of opiate drugs, but all in all, these 25 stories of patients who fake it till you make it will have you rolling your eyes so hard, you might give yourself a headache.

1. Miraculous Recovery: My husband is a firefighter and EMT. He told me about this time where they were called for a man having a seizure. When they arrived there was a man who was faking a seizure. They said things like “Oh Wow if he starts doing X then we should really be worried!” then the guy started doing X behavior. They took him in the ambulance where he miraculously woke up asking for opiates. (Reddit user: hungryandstoned)

2. Whoop Whoop Whoop: My mom is an ER nurse, and she told me about this one time she said that a really crazy lady came in and complained to the doctors that she had a whooping cough. Whenever she would cough, she followed it with a loud “Whoooooooop!” (Reddit user: KingJonathan)

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