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25 Doctors Talk About Their “That Was Stupid” Moments Regarding A Patient

Health is an important thing to us. We almost all want to live a long and healthy life, that’s why we do things to increase our longevity such as exercise and eating whole foods.

But despite our best efforts, sometimes the common flu can still impact us. That’s why we rely on the help of doctors and nurses. This is by no means a knock against homeopathic or naturopathic remedies but the common, mainstream modes of dealing with infections and viruses are via a doctor and antibiotics. For the average Joe out there, they may be aware that supplementing a diet with multivitamins and some fish oil pills is probably beneficial but for others, they may not be so self and health-conscious. That’s why we took to Reddit to ask the health professionals out there: ‘what are some of the wackiest and funniest things you have heard from a patient?’ And as we found out on Reddit, many doctors and nurses were bombarded with some rather ‘unique’ questions. From the ‘transmission’ of pink eye to dealing with seasonal allergies, here are 25 of the best and funniest questions and responses that patients asked.  


‘Years ago when I used to work in the emergency department, a young woman came into the triage because she had pink eye. She said, with proud sincerity, ‘I made sure I didn’t look at anybody. I didn’t want anyone to catch it.’’ (Anonymous)


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