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This Is What You Should And Shouldn’t Buy At The Dollar Store

It doesn’t matter what your income is, dollar stores are a haven for everyone. We all know that the rule “you get what you paid for” applies to most things in life, including dollar store products. But, just in case, we compiled a list of the items you should and shouldn’t buy at the dollar store:

DON’T BUY: Electronics. Anything with a cable that connects to a power source. Just avoid them completely so you don’t have to worry about damaging your expensive electronics at home or burning your house down. It might sound paranoid, but the stats are in and they’re not looking good. The U.S Consumer Safety Committee has been warning people about the dangers of buying low-quality dollar store electronics…since 1999! Electronics can be pricey, but there’s also a reason for that. When purchasing electronics, it’s best to make the transaction from an actual electronic retailer or online store rather than risking it for that “unbeatable” price. Even with more and more people becoming aware of the dangers of dollar store electronics, incidents continue to happen. More recent warnings have highlighted products that most people wouldn’t assume to be hazardous including holiday mini lights and portable heaters. However, these dangers aren’t just limited to products that light up and electronic gadgets.

The warnings extend to USB cables, chargers, extension cords and really anything in (and out) of the electronics aisle. A study showed that cheap cables found in dollar stores tested positive for chlorine. It’s a sign that they’re made with PVC, a chemical known to have caused cancer in the people working at the factories where these products are made.

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