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28 Photos Of Everyday Things You’ll Only See In Dubai

Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Over the past few decades, Dubai has undergone an incredible transformation. Its unique circumstances have made it a city that is constantly setting itself apart from the rest of the world.

Dubai has become a playground for the affluent with the city boasting an outlandish amount of luxury and extravagance. Oil revenue spurred the development of Dubai, but now the city’s main revenues come from: financial services, real estate, tourism and aviation. It has also created some literal monsters in professional bodybuilders such as Big Ramy (or Mamdouh Elssbiay), Nathan De asha, Ahmad Ashkanani and Roelly Winklaar just to name a few. Along with giants roaming the gyms, Ferrari’s roaming the streets, and gold plated everything, there are certain things that you can only see in Dubai. With a city that embraces excess like no other, the lifestyles of the people of Dubai are unlike anything most of us have or ever will see. From ridiculously exotic pets like tigers and leopards to gold bars that are easily accessible, here are 28 photos of everyday things you’ll only see in Dubai.


1. Luxury car enthusiasts don’t need to go to a car show to see some top tier vehicles. Dubai traffic jams are full of luxury cars, and they certainly make traveling bumper to bumper more extravagant. Do they only come in red though? Spot how many people are taking pictures out of their car windows.


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