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If These Dumb People Don’t Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

Sometimes it’s fun to laugh at the sheer stupidity of other people on the Internet. If you need some laughs today, take a look at these 25 pictures of hilarious Internet fails that are bound to make you laugh.

1. There is just something so funny about online fails that gets people going every time. Whether the online fail is a typo, a terribly unfortunate autocorrect, a funny meme or an accidental picture upload, the Internet is absolutely full of hilarious oddities and things that get us going every, single time. Our first ridiculous online fail that is bound to make you laugh consists of a highly misinformed Twitter user who also isn’t very good at spelling. Because yes, Ms. Rebecca Jergins, a terrorist attack can totally be staged. Also, did anyone catch her totally incorrect use of the word “affect”? All you grammar freaks should have caught that.  This is one of the reasons I am so, so thankful that Twitter didn’t exist when I was in my early teenage years, or who knows what atrocities of mine would still be lingering in the pages of the Internet for the rest of my life.

2. This guy desperately needs to take a Geography class, or at least make a trip to Google to get his facts right. There’s something telling me, though, that this person (so elegantly named Slay) is probably just a Twitter troll, bent on annoying people with his ignorance about the world’s Geography.

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