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28 Dumb Trends People Need To Stop Doing

There are way too many dumb trends that just don’t stop. In this list, we have compiled 28 fashion trends from the past few years that we would all very much like to say goodbye to. Seriously, these trends need to go to fashion heaven.

1. As the years pass, fashion trends change. This causes people try to come up with new and innovative ways to express themselves, although not all of their attempts are successful. Recently, trends that have gone out of style, have come back. Some examples of this include plaid shirts, chokers, ripped jeans and turtlenecks. Some trends overstay their welcome or come back when they really shouldn’t have.  Whether it’s an interesting denim choice or a dubious facial hair trend, some of these things were cool for a minute but now they really need to go. Our first dumb trend that people need to stop following is fast food wear. Yes, believe it or not, this trend involves imitating popular fast-food brands like McDonald’s. It includes dresses, hats, and bags. They are all very expensive and we’re not too sure why it’s a thing, but all the celebrities and fashionistas of the world out there are doing it.

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2. Invisible Dresses: These dresses are designed to make the person wearing it appear unclothed while still concealing their private areas. Though they may look good on a small number of (skinny and fit) people, the rest of us should probably just say: “No thanks.” I, for one, would not feel comfortable in such a revealing dress, would you?

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