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People Who Play Dungeons and Dragons Share Their Unique Experiences With The Game

To the uninitiated, Dungeons and Dragons can seem terrifying. People look at the big rulebook and the multi-sided dice and run screaming in the opposite direction. But to those in the know, D&D is more like a story told between friends. Your Dungeon Master (or DM) guides your characters on a journey through a fantastical world where your successes or failures are determined by the roll of a die. And if your DM is very nice, they only use their godlike powers against you every once and a while.

And when you’re with a group of fun people, and your DM isn’t trying to kill you, and you all remember to bring snacks? Well, that’s when the real magic happens.

Read on for 25 tales of magic and (mis)adventure in the land of tabletop gaming!

1. “We were in a tournament, where we were supposed to travel to a dragon’s cave and fight him. Our wizard realized that he had a Teleport spell. Well, the first thing we did was teleport right to the cave and kill him. As most of the competing parties were just getting on the road, we’re wrapping up. We still lost the tournament on points because we had skipped everything!” (JerryGraham)

2. “My shaman character had won a non-removable magic pink marker (I think it was in a bar or something), that could write in the air or on anything. My friend, being the jerk that he was, stole most of my gold and a few potions whilst I was asleep. So I decided to write the word ‘Dork’ on his face. Have fun trying to get that off!” (GAMMABOY88)

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