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25 Crazy Easter Eggs From Your Favorite Shows And Movies

Move over, Easter bunny, cause Jake Bean is the new face of Easter. Well, you know, besides Jesus. Or maybe… wait, nevermind that’s right. I want to keep my job.

Anyways, here I am to hit you up with some sweet movie easter eggs. Ones that I have found myself through my frankly irresponsible amount of media consumption. 

Anyways, strap in, saddle up or whatever, cause this is 25 Crazy Easter Eggs From Your Favorite Shows And Movies!

1. In the Bee Movie, all the male bees have buzz cut hairstyles. Starting off this list with the greatest cinematic achievement of all time seems like a good idea, but then where do you go? How am I supposed to top the Bee Movie? Might as well click out right now, it all goes downhill from here. Then again, it all went downhill after you read who wrote the article, am I right?

2. In Ghostbusters, Dana Barrett buys a very specific type of marshmallows… I am of course talking about the brand of marshmallow Ghostbusters made ultra-famous: Dan Aykroyd. I’m just kidding, of course, the man is a national treasure.

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