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40 Embarrassing Fashion Trends Every Girl Thought Looked Good In The Early 2000s

For every pair of boot cut jeans and bedazzled sunglasses, there’s a girl cleaning out her closet wondering “What was I thinking?” If you want proof of how much time has passed, just look back at some of the most iconic – and memorable – fashion trends from the early 2000s. We rounded up some of the worst because it’s just more fun that way and also because there are very few styles that actually looked good. What other fads would you add to this list?

1. You thought that accessorizing your tank top was equivalent to dressing up. I am not exaggerating when I say my closet staple in the early 2000s was colored tanks. I’d wear tank tops with jeans, with skirts, with sweatpants – you name it.  I thought they went with everything and if I added a necklace or a couple of bangles I was ready for a night out. Apparently so did Jessica Alba, who wore matching jewelry to dress up her brown tank for a VMAs pre-party in 2005. I wonder if she and Kanye still talk.

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2. You thought these wristbands meant for sweat made acceptable bracelets. Once you peel your eyes away from the fact that Gwen Stefani was still with Gavin Rossdale here, you can focus on the other atrocity that is Gwen Stefani’s accessories. More specifically, the fact that she wore sweatbands as bracelets to the Kids’ Choice Awards.

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