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25 Embarrassing Moments Where People Didn’t Realize Who They Were Talking To And Made Fools Out Of Themselves

Have you ever been steadfast in an argument only to realize that you’re actually wrong midway only to have to backpedal shamefully? Well, imagine that on a much more public and embarrassing scale. Sometimes we get caught up in the heat of the moment when it comes to our opinions even when they aren’t necessarily the most informed. However, before you start a rant, you should really be aware of your audience.

Many people feel comfortable voicing their unfiltered opinions online, but that can backfire really fast when the reader ends up having more merit on the topic. A number of people have taken to social media to critique or comment on public figures only to have the posts garner the attention of that specific person. The result? Just as cringe-worthy and humiliating as you’d imagine. Here are 25 embarrassing moments where people didn’t realize who they were talking to and made fools out of themselves in the process.

1. James Blunt has quickly solidified his Twitter page as a comic comeback gold mine. The You’re Beautiful singer continually responds to hate tweets with hilarious wit and self-deprecating jokes. The best-selling artist decided to highlight one critic’s tweet and use it to promote his new album. Suave.

2. Katie was just using her Twitter to voice her concern over the effect climate change has had on our planet. However, Gary P Jackson was quick to dismiss her claiming that global warming is a scam. Turns out, Jackson was preaching to the wrong choir because Katie knows a thing or two about what she’s talking about.

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