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25 Of The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever Caught On Camera

Everyone has an embarrassing photo of themselves that they try to keep as private as possible. However, for the unlucky folks who weren’t in control of theirs, chances are the humiliation has been smeared all over the Internet and continues to resurface every birthday.

While we might not get the same satisfaction that others do when looking at photographic evidence of our shame, it’s undeniably entertaining to look at other people’s cringe-inducing collections. Not only did these mortifying photos end up on the Internet, they ended up going viral. If you thought you had a bad picture, take a gander at these 25 embarrassing pictures you’ll be happy that you’re not in.

1. This permanent embarrassment goes way beyond one picture. You have to wonder if the tattoo artist that did this is also illiterate or just incredibly cruel. Considering the amount of people that this tattoo most likely was seen by (including the person who took this picture), one can only imagine the moment of disappointment when someone finally told this mommy’s boy that he misspelled two of five words inked into his forearm.

2. When you run a marathon, you want the world to see you in all of your fitness glory. The joy of passing the finish line wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying unless there were a sea of people watching and cheering you on. Unfortunately for this guy, all of his training has quite literally gone to, well, you know. There’s really not much you can do in this situation except for to keep running and really never stopping until you find a deserted location where you can start over anew.

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