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‘She Micromanaged My Bathroom Breaks’: Employees Who Left Their Terrible Jobs Tell Their Stories

While many may fantasize about unleashing all of our pent up work rage and storming out of the office, most of us take the high road and hand in our two weeks notice that was heavily influenced by a template found on the Internet. However, there are those who completely snapped and lived out the “I quit” dream.

It’s an exit that certainly won’t leave you with a letter of recommendation, but for some, that moment of candor is completely worth it. One Redditor asked the community’s workers if they’ve ever quit on the spot and why. The responses may make you realize your job isn’t that bad after all. Here are 25 stories of people quitting their jobs in a less than professional manner.

1. Lunch Money: “I had reached my breaking point at my job and basically told my office manager that he couldn’t arrange a successful girl scout cookie drive let alone run a business. As a cherry on top, I told him I was going to report him to the labor board for working everyone 8.5 hours a day without lunch on my way out. The state made him cut me a check for 2.5 years of missed lunches.” (Reddit user: onetimerone)

2. The Robin Hood Exit: “I worked at Boston Market in high school and was continually given minimal hours even though I needed to be working more. When the new schedule came out, I was only given 6 hours over two weeks and that was the final straw. My last customer came in and he was clearly in a bind with money. He was buying some meals for his kids and could barely pay for it with his change. I went to the back and gave him a party platter that was enough food for at least 15 people and gave him a whole rack of fresh cornbread for free. I hung up my apron, helped him take his food to the car and then never went back.” (Reddit user: ThatGuyQuinn)

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