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People Share Stories About Their Unusual And Spooky Encounters With The Paranormal

When it comes to the paranormal most people happen to be skeptics. After all, paranormal activity has not only been turned into a trope but it’s also the topic of many reality TV series.

The idea of ghosts and ghost hunters and experts seem pretty hard to believe outside of a movie like Ghostbusters but there may be certain personal experiences that may just open our eyes to the paranormal. There’s never any sort of tangible proof for these complicated, undocumented experiences, but just going through them can make us a believer.

There have been plenty of stories of people connecting with deceased ancestors or even the spirits of family members who aren’t related to them at all. Spirits who have found themselves searching for answers or yearning to connect with the living in hope of finding peace (or wrecking havoc) have made themselves known in some pretty freak ways.

If you’ve ever had a paranormal experience or you love reading about paranormal activity then this article is the one for you. Here are 25 stories from AskReddit in which people have described the ‘creepiest and most unexplainable’ paranormal activity they’ve ever experienced.

1. When I had fevers as a child, I would always, in my fugue and pain-induced state, hear a man counting in a very deep voice. He would count from 1 and up and as the numbers got larger, his voice became more intense. It started to get less frequent as I grew up and now I do not experience it much anymore. I’ve actually just brushed it aside as a recurring nightmare until just recently because my sister would experience the exact same thing as well. It’s not the scariest thing, but it does send shivers down my spine when I try to comprehend it. (sherpaderpaderp)

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