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25 Hilarious Tweets About Your Ex That’ll Have You Straight Up LOLing

Despite what the romantics of the world would like to believe, many relationships end up having expiry dates. Whether the relationship ended on a good note or a bad one, there’s an undeniable emotional baggage that comes with sending someone you once considered a significant other back into the wild. Everyone has their own way of moving on, but not everyone does so without harboring a little bit of resentment.

Since social media began taking over our lives, cryptic statuses and tweets have been an effective way for many to vent about their past lover without having to resort to Fatal Attraction-like tendencies. However, not everyone is as enigmatic with their social media expression, some people lay it all out for the world to see. Here are 25 hilarious tweets about exes that anyone who still holds a grudge will be able to relate to.

1. A breakup can turn you into a bit of a broken record conversation-wise when it comes to your immediate friend group, but once they stop listening, who will? You can either overcome heartbreak through a creative outlet and hope to become Adele or you can drive away everyone you know. The latter is often the easier option.

2. You’d think that once the relationship ends that the games would have their closing ceremony as well, but for some people, they’ve only just begun. Chances are if you receive what appears to be a kind gesture from an ex, it’s most likely laced with some sort of ulterior mind game.

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