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30 Times Where Exes Tried To Get Back At Their Former Partners

Relationships can be difficult, and at times rocky. Unfortunately, sometimes the best thing to do is just to end things. Sometimes this is the only thing someone in a relationship can do, while others may try to get revenge or act petty. Here are 30 bitter people who tried to get back at their exes. From funny notes to elaborate sculptures, some people went all out.

1. There are definitely times when a relationship ends and things go south. Feelings get hurt, and someone feels bitter. The most mature thing to do is to accept it and move on, but some people have other plans in mind. When a ex lover feels like they’ve been wronged, all sorts of things can happen. If they’re not the type of person who can forgive and forget (let bygones be bygones, so to speak), all sorts of drama can ensue. From non-stop text messages to sneaky pranks to social media blasts, you never know what a jilted ex lover is capable of doing…especially if they’ve got a vendetta they are determined to carry out. This first example is pretty tame compared to what other jilted ex lovers might do or say to their exes on this list. I’m not exactly sure how this is getting revenge. Sounds like this girl is literally trying to get back with her ex.

2. Look at the postcard this guy received from his ex. Hopefully, it’s light hearted. It kind of seems like this one is all in good fun. Depending on the type of relationship this couple had, this postcard could totally be a joke…or maybe there’s a scathing message scrawled out on the back about all the ways this ex lover wronged him or her. Who knows.

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