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People Share The Most Expensive Mistakes They Have Ever Made

Nobody’s perfect and we’re all subject to making a mistake every now and then, but sometimes the minor blunders can end up having hefty financial consequences. From simple slip-ups to more deliberate flubs, mistakes can come with quite a price tag.

One Redditor asked the community what was the most expensive mistake they’ve ever made and the responses are wildly rueful. Here are 25 stories of simple mistakes people have made that ended up costing them big bucks.

1. The Perfect Car: “Not me, but my best friend made quite a doozy. He was in a rush to buy a car and had saved a good $20,000 for one. He did a bunch of private inspections around our area, but never found one he really wanted. He finally found the perfect car that hit everything on his checklist: great mileage, full-service history, and in excellent condition. The only problem was that the buyer was on the other side of the country. Still, my friend was convinced this was the car for him and made the money transfer. The ad quickly disappeared and so did the car owner. It’s been 5 years and my friend has never caught the guy or got back his $20,000.” (Reddit user: Deako87)

2. Birthday Ball: “I was at my girlfriend’s parents’ holiday home for her birthday and was kicking around a ball with her nephews. My girlfriend came outside the exact moment I kicked the ball a bit too hard and it ended up knocking her to the ground. Not only did I destroy her $300 glasses, I also managed to smash the $2,000 watch her dad had just gifted her. He was not happy. Luckily, that story is from four years ago and we’re getting married in four weeks!” (Reddit user: thetoiletman1104)

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