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30 People Who Lied On Facebook And Got Savagely Called Out For Their Nonsense

Getting caught in a lie is always embarrassing, but when that lie happens to be on social media for the world to see, the shame is eternal. Here are 30 people who lied on Facebook and were savagely called out for their fraudulence.

1. Not everyone lies on Facebook, but sometimes their not so hidden agenda with a post is bad enough. Everyone knows that events like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are just really reason for someone to post a great picture of themselves alongside the person in a scavenge for likes. However, this person decided to post a picture of their “grandmother” to Facebook to garner up some little blue thumbs only it was not their grandmother at all. Boasting that the vintage WW2 glamor shot was their ancestor is an incredibly bold move considering the shot is a still from a recent Captain America movie. The poster most likely stumbled across this picture and thought it was a random vintage shot they could pass off without any suspicion, but it ended up being the furthest thing from vintage. The next time this person wants to fake family members from movie stills, they might want to go for some more obscure indie titles.


2. Facebook posts that show acts of kindness tend to get the shares, but this one went viral for the wrong reason. Throwing a $100 tip on a under $30 meal would be awfully generous if this customer actually did so. Someone from the serving world was quick to call out this faux tipper for tacking on the hundo to only the guest receipt.


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