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25 Creepy Facts That Will Chill You To The Bone

Face facts, Tony. The world is a creepy place. From a number of unsolved murders and disappearances over the years all the way to those creepy numbers stations (seriously, have you ever heard Swedish Rhapsody?), the world is host to a lot of nightmare fuel.

For the curious minds out there I know it can be difficult to find a creepy fact you haven’t heard a million times but hopefully, these are the ones you haven’t seen before. Besides, even if you have heard them before at least you get spared the embarrassment of having to change your pants. Or you can just be one of those people who rolls their eyes and goes, “I knew that already,” thereby signaling your never-ending discontent for not finding new material. Well, excuse me but I don’t know how deep the Internet’s rabbit hole goes so if you want crazier facts than these, you’re on your own.

Halloween may not be right around the corner but early September is close enough and we’ve gathered a list of the creepiest facts we could find so that way our days can be ruined together. (Trust me, just count your lucky stars that you didn’t have to research any of this crap.)

So, strap in because we have your fix for 25 creepy facts you’ll probably wish you didn’t read… but you did anyway. Because it’s you. And people told you not to but you still did. I take no responsibility.

Anyway, let’s just get started.

We’ll start off easy. Okay, not exactly “easy” but at the very least with a fact you’ve probably heard before if you’re into the macabre. There’s a website for plane crash recordings where you can read actual transcripts of plane crashes. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend visiting but it’s out there.

creepy-1 wikimedia commons

There’s a parasite out there that attaches itself to a fish’s tongue and takes in its food. The tongue-eating louse squirms in through the gills and attaches itself to the tongue where it pretty much stays there until the host dies. And you thought the leeches “borrowing” your Netflix were bad.

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