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25 People Who Had Good Intentions But Failed

People want to help other people. That’s a pretty general philosophy, but tends to be true about the human race. We’re all doing our best to try and make each other’s lives better. However, sometimes our good intentions blow up in our face. These failed good intentions lead to hurt feelings, tears, messes, and any number of bad things. So why do we keep trying to be good? It’s just what we do. Even when our failed good intentions come back to haunt us, it’s hard to regret at least trying to do the right thing. These 25 people did their best to make the world a better place, and even though they failed, pretty hard in some instances, at least they tried to bring some happiness into the world. If we all gave up on our good intentions, that would be the purest form of failure. We just have to be more careful, that’s all.

1) Here, this is your responsibility now: Sometimes people who want to help just end up making someone else’s life more difficult. Sure, it was nice of this person to return a wallet, but giving it to the wrong person doesn’t really count as a good deed.

2) Just trying to save the Earth: Yes, it’s important to recycle, and admittedly, this person gave it their best shot. However, they’ve now blocked up the recycling bin, so anyone else who has recyclables will have to just throw them in the trash. At least they tried, right?

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