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People Share Stories About Times They Turned Down Marriage Proposals

It takes a lot of confidence in your relationship to put yourself out there and ask your significant other to marry you. However, some people get a little too lost in the throes of love and become devastated when the response is “no.” It’s a cringe worthy moment that has broken many hearts, but if the viral YouTube videos these rejections have spawned tell us anything, it’s that these moments are entertaining for everyone else.

Not all long term relationships have the longevity for forever and some people found that out in one of the most humiliating ways possible. To find out what this heart stab of an experience is like from the first person perspective, a Redditor asked the community to share stories of those who have rejected a proposal or have been rejected. Here are 25 of the most unromantic responses.

1. One Chance: “My dad proposed to my mother after only two weeks of dating. She laughed at him and said that it was way too soon, but he responded, ‘Fine. I asked you once. I’m not going to ask you again.’ My mom didn’t know he was serious until they had been dating for multiple years and he stuck to his word. My mom eventually broke down and asked him to marry her, but she made a show of it, proposing in public, getting down on one knee, the whole shebang. He said yes and they just celebrated their 30th anniversary.” (Reddit user: Wissix)

2. For The Best: “I proposed after a good three years of dating and one year of living together and offered her my great-grandparents wedding ring. She immediately said no and then fled to her parents’ house for the weekend. When she returned, she told me that she was gay. That was 22 years ago. Since then I have been married for 16 years to the woman I dated next and my ex has been with her partner for nearly 22 years. The failed proposal didn’t ruin our relationship, I am still close with her and her partner, but definitely a bullet we both dodged.” (Reddit user: prohaska)

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