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25 Hilariously Recreated Family Photos

There’s nothing quite like taking a trip down memory lane with an old family album to see how much everyone has changed over the years. These windows to the past make for an entertaining way to share a household’s story, and every family usually has that one gem of a picture they hold onto dearly. While that one photo may have managed to capture a special memory, some families have decided to make it capture another.

One trend that has been sweeping the Internet recently is families going to great lengths to recreate photos from the past. It’s not always easy trying to effectively pose as an adult how you once did as a kid, but the results are consistently hilarious. Here are 25 families who proved that time only brought them closer together by sharing uproarious recreations of old photos.

1. Wrangling your kids for a group photo is certainly not as easy once they’ve become adults, but this mom managed to make it happen. Her boys may have outgrown her since the original photo was taken, but even after all of these years, she still has the same proud smile on her face.

2. A lot may have changed in the time span between these two photos, but the love for chocolate ice cream will always remain. It can’t be easy trying to find adult clothing that accurately resembles the childhood style we’ve spent years trying to diverge from. However, the makeshift effort of recreating an old-school Disney visor is admirable.

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