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25 Parents Who Needed A Vacation From Their Vacation

A family vacation can prove to be a lot of work. In fact, there probably aren’t many times where any family vacay is smooth sailing. From the moment you start packing for the trip, parents’ stress mode is already kicking into high gear. From packing to keeping the kids occupied, to trying to get them to actually go to sleep at night, parents are constantly working to make family vacations memorable and fun. But all this work has many parents wishing there was a second vacation to recover from the first one. Here are just some examples of relatable vacation problems parents are constantly dealing with when trying to make that family vacation one to remember.

1. Let’s start at the beginning. Any family vacation kicks off with the dreaded packing. Not only do parents need to pack for themselves, but if their kids are young enough, they’ll get stuck packing for them too. That means all the responsibility is on them to make sure they packed up enough sweaters for those cold nights, not to mention all their kids’ favorite toys! Let’s just say the struggle is real when it comes to packing everyone up for a family vacation.

2. Like we said, packing for a family vacation can be so difficult you might need a vacation just from packing, let alone everything else you have to deal with once the vacation actually starts. This meme hilariously depicts what parents actually want to throw in their suitcase versus what they actually end up packing instead.

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