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25 Dead Fashion Trends Best Left In The Past

I think we’ve all had that moment where we stumble onto our parents’ old photos from just a few decades ago and we’re slapped with bell bottom jeans and giant hair. Floral patterns on silk shirts blind just about anyone who looks at them and every guy had a mullet or something equally weird.

I know that Halloween is over but it’s never too late to explore the depths of crazy fashion trends that we’re all thankful are finally over. That’s exactly what we’re doing today; those weird colored bracelets that we needed to pile on top of our wrists and feathered bangs are a thing of the past but we’re gonna spend some quality time re-visiting them.

Also, a small PSA: if you still rock any of these looks, please be advised that this is just a goofy piece meant to poke fun at older fashion trends, not make anyone feel bad. So, you do you and keep wearing whatever you’re gonna wear!

1. This 1920’s coat. Well, this little number here ensures that you keep yourself warm while also completely reducing your mobility. At least you kind of have the Cleopatra vibes going on in the pattern. 1920’s fashion, though, am I right?

2. 80s headbands. Dear lord, why did we ever hide the majority of our foreheads behind sweatbands or headbands? No, we’re not going for a run, just your everyday-typical-80s-coffee-run.


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